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About Enpira

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Enpira is a software platform that enables electric utilities, building portfolios, and local government to better manage energy use. Enpira is a web-hosted service that requires no systems integration. Account set-up couldn’t be easier. Simply provide the required information in the format of your choice, and the Enpira team takes care of the rest. In addition to our web services, Enpira also provides bespoke analytics, custom software development, and personalized advisory services for each of our clients based on their unique needs.

Innovative Analytics

Enpira is shorthand for empirical energy analysis, and we take great pride in delivering innovative, high quality software and analyses for our clients. Our ability to import utility data of any commodity and any time resolution, combine it with weather data, and create intuitive facility and portfolio level visualizations is truly unique in the industry. Enpira provides the visibility our clients need to do their jobs: saving money on energy procurement, better managing energy use, and ensuring efficient operations.

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Clients First, Software Second

Enpira doesn’t have customers; we have clients. Every software license comes with professional support and custom advisory services to help our clients meet their energy management and data analysis needs. Clients routinely come to us with specific utility data challenges, and we provide the analytics and visualization to showcase the impact of their initiatives.

Industry Best Practices

Enpira implements industry standard protocols for energy data analysis. Adherence to protocols from ASHRAE, the Department of Energy, and regional transmission organizations ensures accuracy, transparency, and compliance in energy and demand management assessments. From enhancing residential energy efficiency program performance to supporting building recommissioning efforts and completing EIA reporting requirements, we make implementing the right practices easy.

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Data Privacy

Clients entrust us with private data, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We have a long history of performing energy analyses using private information and communicating programs results appropriately. Our services are hosted in domestic data centers, and we never sell personal data.

Our Team

We are a talented team of software developers with a mix of backgrounds and expertise, from energy analysis to climate science and web development. All software is developed here in the USA. Sustainability is important to us, and we know that helping our clients better manage their energy use also helps avoid building the next power plant.

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Daniel Kauffman, the Founder and President of Enpira Inc

Additional Information

To learn more about Enpira, please contact us or email me directly.

Daniel Kauffman, Founder and President, Enpira Inc.