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Efficiency Programs

Eliminate the headaches of paper bill collection, insecure and inaccessible utility data storage systems, and energy savings uncertainty with Enpira’s utility data collection, analysis, and access software.

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Weatherization Programs

A must-have software platform for any weatherization program seeking visibility into energy savings. Achieve portfolio-wide performance visibility while eliminating the hassles of utility data collection.

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Utility Programs

Begin with objective-drive customer prioritization and individualized customer engagement. Leverage ongoing energy and demand savings measurement and verification to ensure program results are being achieved.

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Community Programs

From community action agencies to regional initiatives, contractors, and university research projects, Enpira has experience supporting a wide range of constituents working to make our homes more energy efficient.


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Streamlined Utility Data Collection

Weatherization programs suffer from a lack of transparency and standardization in data collection. Each agency is left to collect utility data on its own, leading to inefficiency and unusable data.

Enpira enables efficiency programs to maintain a central repository of utility data, empowering agencies and providing program-wide visibility.

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Home Diagnostics

Home energy usage profiles, especially those with high-resolution smart meter data, reveal energy challenges that weatherization programs should address.

Prioritize for weatherization those homes with predictably high heating and cooling loads, shown to save more energy post-improvement. Identify homes without efficient electric heating or air conditioning for beneficial electrification, and quantify the impact on occupant comfort.

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Automated Energy Savings Measurement & Verification

Ensuring program savings should not be a one-off task performed every few years. By automated data collection, users get a quick-look after the improvement to ensure that energy savings are on track.

Add automated and compliant measurement & verification reporting immediately after the first post-improvement summer and winter. Gain the visibility to showcase program impacts to constituents, improve contractor training, highlight your best projects, and address issues with program delivery.

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Secure Data Storage and Access

Programs are facing increasingly rigorous requirements on collecting and securing the personal information of program participants. Legacy data can reside in multiple databases, and also hiding in filing cabinets. Responsibility for ensuring home energy efficiency is shared between many parties, including weatherization program officials, agencies, contractors, program administrators, and utilities.

Enpira provides a central, secure collection system and repository of program utility data. Access to data within Enpira is permission based and complies with the principle of least privilege: all parties can securely access only the data they need to ensure their accountability for program performance.