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Monitor your energy efficiency and demand response programs, improve your customer understanding and engagement, and enhance utility operations with Enpira’s suite of software and data services.

A laptop displaying Enpira's analytics.


Electric cooperatives icon of a field with power lines

Electric Cooperatives

Enpira is purpose-built to support cooperatives. Enhance demand response and energy efficiency programs, and improve member outreach with energy use analytics and personalized home energy reports.

Investor owned utilities icon of power lines approaching a city skyline

Investor Owned Utilities

Plug & play applications for your demand-side management programs. Optimize customer recruitment, modernize energy savings measurement, and provide dashboards to your stakeholders and partners.

Municipal utilities icon of a home with different energy types

Municipal Utilities

Combine gas and water data for a holistic perspective on customer usage. Improve legacy load control programs to better manage procurement costs. Leverage Enpira’s platform for water metering analytics.


Load control line chart

Demand Response Evaluation

How can you enhance customer response at peak?

You activate demand response events to lower energy procurement costs, but know there is room for improvement. Enpira’s demand response evaluation begins with computing per program and per meter customer baseline loads. We then provide you with insightful analytics detailing how much load is shed, by whom, for every load control event.

  • Identify the ~30% legacy load control devices that are no longer functional
  • Recruit homes with the most load shifting potential into a smart thermostat program
  • Reward the best performers in a voluntary load reduction program
  • Validate circuit-level estimates in a conservation voltage reduction program
Icon representing a one page report generated by Enpira

Customer Communication

Do you provide your customers with personalized information?

Customers expect individualized communication. Utilities need to target the right customers for their demand side programs and to engage with them with tailor-made content.

Enpira works with you to develop home energy reports and emails, enhancing customer engagement and helping to meet program recruitment objectives. Customize layout, design, and messaging. Compare customers against their peers to motivate participation. Run test groups to ensure you are optimizing your response rates.

Icon showing an example energy savings bar chart

Efficiency Program Support

Does your efficiency program have a strong data services partner?

Collecting, storing, analyzing, and sharing usage data must be performed securely and professionally. Enpira works hand-in-hand with the program administrator to provide a suite of energy data services including address matching between data sets, home selection and prioritization, customer recruitment reports, and program-wide portfolio data access. Enpira’s automated savings measurement & verification provides results shortly after improvements, soon enough to flag under-performers that would impact program objectives.

Visit our Efficiency Program page for more information on our program support services.

Icon showing an example customer dashboard

Customer Understanding

Can you provide your customers with individualized support?

Customers consume energy differently and need personalized assistance. Enpira provides you with the information you need to understand each customer’s energy usage at the moment of interaction.

Give your strategic account managers the insights they need to best support your most important commercial and industrial accounts. Leverage Enpira’s expertise in building energy analysis to provide value-add services to local government and school districts.

Icon of an electric grid surrounded by energy icons

Grid Analytics

Are you using your meter data to its full potential?

Enpira’s analytics enable you to use your meter data for far more than just billing:

  • Flag meters with electric vehicle charging profiles to target market electric vehicle charging rates.
  • Totalize meter data by distribution feeder to gain visibility into conservation voltage reduction event performance. Compare to circuit load profiles to identify revenue protection issues in your distribution system.
  • Create synthetic transformer load profiles by combining all meter data on your distribution transformers. Identify transformers most at risk from overloading at peak.
  • Run rate simulations to see how customer groups would be impacted by experimental rate structures.