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Empirical Energy Analysis

for Utilities

Cloud hosted energy analysis software and data driven solutions. Insightful, Actionable, Personalized.
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Our Customers

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Electric Cooperatives

Enhance demand response and energy efficiency programs with custom software. Improve member outreach with energy use analytics and personalized home energy reports.

Municipal Utilities

Combine gas and water data for a holistic perspective on customer usage. Improve legacy load control programs to better manage procurement costs.

Efficiency Programs

Improve reporting and prove your program’s value with automated M&V. Move your data archive into a searchable database complete with insightful visuals.


Our Features

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Demand Response Evaluation

How can you enhance customer response at peak?

You activate demand response events to lower energy procurement costs, but know there is room for improvement. Enpira’s demand response evaluation begins with computing per program and per meter customer baseline loads. We then provide you with insightful analytics detailing how much load is shed, by whom, for every load control event.

  • Identify the ~30% legacy load control devices that are no longer functional
  • Recruit homes with the most load shifting potential into a smart thermostat program
  • Reward the best performs in a voluntary load reduction program
  • Validate circuit-level estimates in a conservation voltage reduction program

Automated Energy Savings M&V

Who is saving energy, and who is not?

Automated energy savings measurement & verification (M&V 2.0) perpetually calculates energy savings for retrofit homes. Enpira combines meter data and weather data to calculate energy savings from energy efficiency improvements.

Identify and monitor both your highest performing energy efficiency projects and your underperformers. Evaluate contractors against their forecasted results. Use our M&V analytics stand-alone, or in combination with customer outreach initiatives for comprehensive energy efficiency program solutions.

Portfolio Treemap Chart
Portfolio Treemap Chart

Customer Communication

Do you provide your customers with individualized information?

Enhance customer outreach with meaningful, personalized reports and emails. Enpira works with you to develop custom home energy reports, enhancing customer engagement and helping to meet program objectives.

Enpira helps generate customized, attractive and motivating emails and texts. Communicate to customers their performance in demand response events relative to their peers, enhancing engagement and improving outcomes in future events.

Customer Understanding

Can you provide your customers with individualized support?

Customers consume energy differently and need personalized assistance. Enpira provides you with the information you need to understand each customer’s energy usage at the moment of interaction.

Give your strategic account managers the insights they need to best support your most important commercial and industrial accounts. Leverage Enpira’s expertise in building energy analysis to provide value-add services to local government and school districts.

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Portfolio Treemap Chart

Business Intelligence

Are your decisions data driven?

Each utility has distinct challenges, and one-side-fits-all software platforms rarely fit right. Leverage your smart meter data for a range of applications beyond just billing.

  • Enterprise data visualization
  • Granular load forecasting
  • Rate simulations
  • Revenue protection

Behind the Scenes


Automated Data Collection

Enpira collects utility data directly from your meter data management system or utility billing database. Data can be imported either through batch upload or continuously, a more secure and reliable method which enables up-to-date analytics and monitoring capabilities.

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Best Practices

Enpira is committed to following industry best practices in utility data analytics. For both energy efficiency and demand response evaluation, we utilize industry standard methods. We can recommend protocols to support your initiatives, or can implement your preferred methods.

Professional Support

Enpira software comes with both technical and interpretive support. We have designed our software to solve your utility operations challenges. From customer marketing to program evaluation, it is our commitment to help our utility clients reach the next level of sophistication and operational efficiency through better analytics and data-driven decision making.

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